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I created this profile so I could post to other blogs, but it mandated that I create my own page, so that is why this page is created. Gordon Wayne Watts, Lakeland, Florida, USA

Saturday, July 21, 2012

DREAM re COLORADO SHOOTER: I'm not sure if this means anything,
but I'd better post about it *before* it happens, so that if I'm right, I will
know the origin of the unusual dream I had this morning or early
afternoon right before I got up: In this very brief dream, I saw
an attractive young, fairly thin, woman at a courthouse, and I somehow
knew she was a judge in street clothes. I somehow knew that she
was going to give the death penalty to the Colorado shooter
(who shot movie-goers watching a midnight Batman: The Dark
Knight Rises, movie premiere, early Fri 20 July 2012). OK, that's
really all I remember. It is now 3:43pm Sat. 21 July 2012.
~~Gordon Wayne Watts, LAKELAND (between Tampa & Orlando),
Fla., U.S.A., for all you who need an idea of where Lakeland is.
(I.e., I don't know if the dream's origin is from God - or not -time will tell,
but I'm posting this on my social media, e.g., blogspot, Facebook,
YouTube, Twitter, etc., to time-stamp & document this.)
PS: In case you're wondering why I've double-spaced and added
line-breaks everywhere?The last attempt to post this had text
going off the page, past
the margins, so I'm trying to create additional line-breaks
to fix this -- Stupid blog! -LOL-