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Thursday, April 07, 2011

320 lb deadlift + 585 lb rack pull @ 120-lb bodyweight (DeadliftDay.wmv)

20 lb deadlift + 585 lb rack pull @ 120-lb bodyweight (DeadliftDay.wmv)


(Deadlift Day - actually 2 different days) Click 'Show More' for details... After an approximately 25-year layoff, I started back lifting weights on Sat. 25 Sept. 2011. That was not quite 6½ months ago. (Today is Thr. 07 April 2011.)

I couldn't lift more than 205 or maybe 225 -whether from the ground or the 'height correction' blocks.

Here, I finally worked up to 315 lbs x 2 reps & then 320x1 -albeit from the 4" blocks, a PR (personal record) 1RM (1-rep max).

I know this is not a 'legal competition' deadlift, but most people in my weight class (120-lb) are at least 4" shorter than me (I'm about 5'10"), and some are even shorter. (In all fairness, some of the very short people don't quite have as long a reach as me, which takes away from their 'close to the floor' pulling advantage: My reach is about 68 or 68½ inches -maybe a little more if I 'really stretch.')

Yes, I'm quite skinny, but it appears I'm in good health, and my 'crazy vegetarian' diet (actually very strict vegan) must not be so bad after all -it worked for me!

I do eat, sleep, and exercise as much as I can -and try to give my body sufficient 'recovery time' --as well as trying to 'manage stress,' so my "being skinny" is not because of either health problems or "anorexic" starvation eating disorders: I'm just rather skinny.

Perhaps, I will get more organised and post other lifting footage -since, after all, video-taping your lifting helps you get good form.

PS: I used no lifting belt, no "hand straps," and no lifting shoes for my lifts here (except shoes for the rack pulls) --and I incurred no injury, which means that if you keep your lower back straight, you will probably not injure yourself --probably your muscles will give out (for strength) before your back gives out (due to injury).

CAVEAT: I'm not a doctor, and I don't play one on T.V. (or my website), ... but I did stay in a holiday Inn once!

Proper credits are in *order* for some of those who have helped me get back in shape --CHRONOLOGICAL *order*, that is (time-wise).

* Nia Shanks, a world-record holder in my weight class http://NiaShanks.com is not only an inspiration (how could a girl that thin & light lift so much?!), but she is also very smart -and a friendly neighbour who wishes to help others in her Internet community.

* Bret Contreras http://BretContreras.com gives Nia very strong competition as far as his willingness to share his knowledge & help others. (He is also very smart.) - *Here*, he answers my question in 'ABC':


* Eric Cressey http://EricCressey.com can not only deadlift over 600lbs & bench press over 400 lbs, he is "expert" smart -and his contributions also were key in helping me make successful and safe gains in my exercise regimen.

I purchased the http://FatLossDetour.com plan from Nia (since she proved her expertise by lifting heavy pounds), and the http://ShowAndGoTraining.com plan from Eric. -- In Eric's case, he took FOURTEEN (14) months to get from 225 to 230 in the bench -apparently using the ;wrong' plan of attack! (and this was when he was 21-22 years old and about 165, I infer, so his problems were not due to youth), but now, he's gotten up to 400 (using his Show & Go plan), so I said to myself: If it worked for Eric, it works for me.

Lastly, I'd like to thank my peeps, buds, and hommies at Deb's Gym in Lakeland, Fla:




(Lakeland is about half-way between Tampa & Orlando, Fla.) -- This is the gym where world record holder April Mathis and (very) "StrongMan" & powerlifter Scott Weech workout. (They and their friends are also smart -and not just strong.) Brian Hopper and Rich (one of April's workout partners) were also quite helpful -as well as former Pittsburgh Pirates pro-baseball player, Keith Maxwell -and also Ernest & Nate (don't got your last names, but you also deserve a shout-out & proper credit for your help).

Oh, yeah.. and a motivational exercise video was no small motivation:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G-cj9FnFaNY (It's 2 min 30 sec, so if you're the impatient type see the 'abridged vid -- it's only like 1:03)

Abridged vid of same above:

PS: Those vids are funny!

-- Gordon Wayne Watts -- LAKELAND, Florida, U.S.A.
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