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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New Sean Hannity news

* ALERT - Mon, 28 Sept 2009 - One day after Lee Kington's complaints about this web-ring, an unknown entity visited this website 9,239 times within about a one hour period (Click here or here) in what apprears to be a 'Denial of Service' Attack on this webring. Due to his vocal opposition to bad press from this webring, Kington is the only suspect while CableOne, our ISP, and the proper authorities investigate this.
* UPDATE - Sun, 27 Sept 2009 - "Higher-Ed Tuition Costs: The ‘Conservative’ view is not on either extreme" Click here or here
* UPDATE - SAT, 26 Sept 2009 - Disagreeing with Obama is O.K. Disagreeing with Sean Hannity, even repesctfully, can get you banned (link Cache: here or here) from Hannity forum. Moderator, Lee Kington, violated forum rules, as explained here or here. NEW: The Forum Rules are cached here or here in case they take them down or deny them.
* UPDATE - Thr, 24 Sept 2009 - New evidence emerges that Hannity 'live call-in' radio program has "pre-recorded," not 'live' callers. Click here or here.
* Tuesday, 22 September 2009 - * SEAN HANNITY Call-Screener deems caller’s Health Care question too hard: In what is one of the strangest news items of recent, Sean Hannity (1-800-941-SEAN) call-screener, Lynda McLaughlin, “diss’ed” (verbally insulted) pro-life icon, Gordon Watts (editor of GordonWayneWatts.com), of Lakeland, Florida, regarding his recent legal defense of Terri Schiavo, and then deemed his healthcare question as too hard for her show host, Sean Hannity. To see documentation of this (including audio of the call in question) -and hear Mr. Watts’ side of the story, click here or here. - Look for news coverage (click here) by reporter, Debra J.M. Smith (official websites: here and here). Informing Christians archives (click here) *and* Watts interview archived on this website (click here).

PS: Some of this news about Sean looks negative, but on the whole, he is more often right than wrong; nonetheless, I must publish the news to keep trouble-makers in line -THAT is the work of the Free Press. (We still do have a First amendment, right?)

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    Gordon Wayne Watts

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